Adjusting Coilovers - Stuck

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Adjusting Coilovers - Stuck

postby Commanche » 10/27/13 @ 19:21

Hey guys,

I have Megan Ez street coilovers. I am wanting to lower them some more.

Last time I tried to twist it into the bottom mount it would not budge one bit. It is either bottomed out or I am just weak (lol).

If it is bottomed out, what is the next option on lowering.

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Re: Adjusting Coilovers - Stuck

postby bigx5murf » 10/27/13 @ 19:30

Remove the locking collars
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Re: Adjusting Coilovers - Stuck

postby Mazduh » 10/27/13 @ 21:07

Pull the coilover out and throw it in a vice to get some leverage... Or maybe the locking collars dont come off from the bottom and only the top.
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Re: Adjusting Coilovers - Stuck

postby spitefulcheerio » 10/27/13 @ 23:25

you wanna get that super baller low?

Remove one of the two locking collars, remove bumpstops, and get extended top hats.

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