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postby Saionara » 05/20/14 @ 11:56

Hey all
The miata has to be hands down the baddest ride on the planet. From bone stock to low and dark they are sexy as h3ll:) mx5's
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Re: Badass!!

postby phillyb™ » 05/20/14 @ 12:18

welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Badass!!

postby Skinny » 05/20/14 @ 13:02

Skinny wrote:
Skinny wrote:
Agp35 wrote:image
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Re: Badass!!

postby Mazduh » 05/20/14 @ 14:26

05' Mx-5 w/ bolts ons, ms2e, 650cc injectors, stock turbo @12psi.
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Re: Badass!!

postby Highschool » 05/28/14 @ 12:15

We've got smurphs out the ying-yang.

Thanks phor joining!
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