Attention dudes of the automotvie industry, need some eyes and ears

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Attention dudes of the automotvie industry, need some eyes and ears

postby Skinny » 04/14/14 @ 11:54

So super long story made short. Back in like 05 my Dad was made redundant at Chrysler/Jeep, after a short while of unemployment he got hooked up with RLE as a contractor, currently his project with Ford on the new Transit is coming to a close due to release date and shall be looking for more work.

He's worked in the industry his whole life, started drafting for Leyland before I was born and has worked in the big three etc etc. currently Design and Release Engineer- Closures. If you hated the square headlights on the Wrangler, but loved when they put the rounds back on for the TJ, you can thank my dad!

If anyone in the industry knows of anyone or heard any rumors of something going could you PM me please, obviously he has his contacts but it doesnt hurt to ask.

Hes not young, but he has a well established resume.

I cannot offer anything in return but the Karma Gods will smile upon you and you'll help my mum sleep at night. Alternatively if you are on my world famous Ignore List, I'll take you off that bad boy!!
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