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Vessel JIS Screwdrivers from

postby revlimiter » 06/08/15 @ 09:44

JIS Screwdrivers


Don't know what a JIS screwdriver is? Go here and read. Pay no attention to the robot pix.

Cliff notes:
  • Designed to grip a screw instead of camming out when force is applied.
  • Made by Vessel, the company that helped create the JIS standard
  • Multiple custom sets available - you can only find them at
  • Not just for Miatas. They work perfectly on ANY Japanese car or motorcycle.

Really, this photo tells the whole story. Standard Phillips on the left, JIS on the right. This is a huge difference.

Buy from my store.

Set 1: The Miata Repair Kit. It's a five piece set with the essentials. You'll have a hard time finding a cross point screw that this set won't work on.

Set 2: Bucky's Toolkit. It takes the Miata kit and upgrades it with three slot head drivers to make an eight piece set. Why? Because it's a bummer to go back to the $2 Harbor Freight drivers for that random slot head screw after getting used to the awesome Megadora handles.

Set 3: Sharka's Toolkit. This is Bucky's kit with an added Impacta P.2 driver and a ratcheting handle with four drivers. That's a fourteen piece kit.

There may or may not be toy photos on my store illustrating the tool features.

Go get them! I love these drivers. I'm excited to sell them again.

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