Hardtop Security Hardware from revlimiter.net

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Hardtop Security Hardware from revlimiter.net

postby revlimiter » 11/07/15 @ 10:30

Hardtop Security Nuts

  • Unique security nut made to resist tools.
  • Fits on either the front or side latch areas.
  • Not compatible with OEM latches. These are for bolt-in installs only.
  • Lock nut is its own key.
  • This is not an easy installation. But it makes the top much harder to steal.
Go to my store for price and more details.

Optional Hardtop Brackets!
Garage Star shipped me some bolt-on hardtop brackets to offer in my shop. You can buy the pyramid security nuts and hardtop mounts at the same time.

The shape of the lock nut allows it to resist any time of hand tool attack. Vise grips slide right off. It's not impervious, but it will make for a very difficult hardtop removal if a thief doesn't have the key.

It installs with a reversed lock nut and open end wrench. You can torque it down as tight as you dare without destroying the actual hardtop. The maximum torque spec for the fastener is something insane like 300 ft/lbs.

The install pix were done using my ancient set of Rennenmetal brackets (long discontinued). The angle between the windshield header and bracket creates a space under one of the lock nuts. To achieve a secure installation, I'd have to put the brackets in my vise and bend them to be on the same plane as the windshield. That's not TOO hard, but is something folks ordering should be aware of.

The hardware will work on the side latch area too. That's probably where you'd want to install it anyway. I just couldn't show that in photos since my own car has the hardtop brackets JB Welded in place for extra security.

This is a very DIY-level solution to hardtop security. Work and fabrication may be required. And no warranty is supplied or implied. Your top MAY still be stolen with these installed.

But it will be a lot more difficult.

As a final layer of security, you could use some Loctite red on the studs. When it cures, it won't be possible to remove your hardtop without hitting the hardware with a torch and heating it up. Fortunately, the lock nuts are strong enough to allow for this.

Security nuts are in stock meow and ready for ordering.
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Re: Hardtop Security Hardware from revlimiter.net

postby Teejay187 » 11/07/15 @ 19:29

This is actually very very clever! Great job, Adam!
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