GW GV rev G5 Tail Light Trim Rings

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GW GV rev G5 Tail Light Trim Rings

postby revlimiter » 02/04/16 @ 13:51

Garage Woolery GV Trim Rings RETURN!

  • High quality machined aluminum trim rings produced by Garage5.
  • These were first available as the legendary Garage Woolery Trim Rings and are reproduced by permission.
  • Fits all authentic Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Light Panels. May not fit knock-offs.
  • Machined finish.
Go to my store to buy yours.

Originally produced by Garage Woolery. was given permission to reproduce them.

Fits authentic Garage Vary Nostalgic lights with the Porter Cab housings installed. May not fit knockoffs. Will not fit without the Porter Cab lights in place.

A perfect reproduction of the original Garage Woolery trim rings. Produced by permission and machined by Garage5.


Initial sale price: $159 + shipping. And, unless something changes with production costs, the price will remain there. No price hike after the first weeks is planned or anything.

Many thanks to Garage5 for producing these. And a billion thanks to Mr Woolery for allowing these to be reproduced and granting me / the rights.
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Re: GW GV rev G5 Tail Light Trim Rings

postby phillyb™ » 02/04/16 @ 14:43

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