How to: Shipping For Sale Items

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How to: Shipping For Sale Items

postby andy » 10/13/13 @ 15:11

Ok you would not believe how many people are incapable of properly shipping items or even knowing how to begin.

To make this easy for everyone I will do a step by step on how to do this whole process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Make an account on

Step 2: Go online to ( ... iorityMail) and select which box you want. My recommendation is select the variety pack for the first time.

Step 3: order the variety pack of flate rate "if it fits it ships" boxes to be delivered to your house (It is free) and it should arrive in a week. If that is too long drive down to the post office and pick some up.

Step 4: When you plan on posting something for sale first figure out which box it fits in, and how much the box is to ship.

Step 5: figure out how much insurance is and also include that in the shipping price for the buyer.

Step 6: Charge how much you want for the item plus this meow calculated shipping.

Step 7: Sell Stuff
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Re: How to: Shipping For Sale Items

postby Nicktorius™ » 10/13/13 @ 15:24

UPS also has an online estimate shipping option where you can enter dimensions and weight of the box you are shipping and any added insurance, etc.

It's just an estimate but it's pretty accurate.
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Re: How to: Shipping For Sale Items

postby banned » 10/14/13 @ 21:33

I used that one time to estimate shipping on a center console and that shit turned out to be almost $200 lol.
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Re: How to: Shipping For Sale Items

postby DK Wolf » 11/17/13 @ 06:58

I have a better idea for you queers.

Find a friend in the military.. ship shit through them.

I shipped the Mazdaspeed seats from an NB to the states from japan.. and them shits are heavy.. cost me $90 to ship both.
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Re: How to: Shipping For Sale Items

postby miata_racer » 03/28/14 @ 02:02

This should be a required course for those in the (-8:00 pacific) time zone. Namely California. Can this become part of the registration process to fucking read this?

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