I Needz Doep Partzzz

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Flyin' 92
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I Needz Doep Partzzz

postby Flyin' 92 » 11/04/13 @ 14:48

Here's the list:

-GV tails (I'd like Crystal White, but I can paint them if I have to)
-M2/Trap tombstone and carpet console
-M2 or equivalent door handles
-BBS RS; 15x7 or x8 in a reasonable offset. Don't need/want #helladopefanboi fitment
-Black door cards with tweeters and teardrop speaker covers

Shipping would be to 97140 (Oregon) if you want to factor in shipping costs.

I do keep an eye out for stuff on Yahoo JP, but if I can save a little $$$ and buy it from someone in the states that would be ideal.

Thanks in advance :cheers:

Sploinkin wrote:I might be able to handle that little amount of poke. Especially with a little bit of stretch.

God I can't believe I said that.
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Re: I Needz Doep Partzzz

postby Weeblewobble » 11/05/13 @ 21:18

I can has door cards! Pm me kind sir and I will flood you with pictures!

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