How to change a fuel pump nb

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How to change a fuel pump nb

postby mini_fd » 10/12/13 @ 23:19

Starting off we need to disconnect the negative battery terminal and pull out the fuel relay

disconnection by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

fuel relay by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

we then need to roll back the back shelf carpet by unclipped the carpet just at the part where it flaps over the shelf. Roll it back to expose the metal parcel shelf. There are screws there to unscrew to remove the shelf covering the hard emissions lines, evaporative sensors and valves, including fuel lines and access to the fuel pump and tank.

rear parcel shelf by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

After we've reached what looks like this in the picture are the hard emissions and fuel lines. We are going to need to disconnect the plug that runs the pump.
Untitled by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

meow after that we need to unhook the fuel lines. meow keep a towel next to you to clean up the little mess that the lines might leak with fuel. Best way I did this was with metal picks or a small flathead to lift the sides of the clip up and over the flared piece of hard fuel line shown here...

fuel lines by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

meow there are small little screws that circle the pumps outer assembly and they are very soft and easy to round out so be careful and precise. Once they are all out the pumps top assembly can be pulled out after the metal arm and nut is unscrewed to the left. I don't have a picture of this step.

meow that you've taken the nut off and pulled up the assembly from the tank and the rubber nipple your pump will look like this...
Keep that rag next to you to catch the dripping gas off the assembly out of the car.

fuel pump by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

fuel pump 2 by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

meow this pump failed and the the strainer was shredded.

meow that the assembly is out of the car I located the positive wire which was blue for the 10th ae. I unplugged it from the underside of the top of the assembly here...

Blue wire clip by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

I then proceeded to phollow that wire and unclipped the black cover that is covering the connection of the positive and negative connection to the fuel pump. They are clipped in by small metal clips. Look carefully and bend them slightly.

You can move the black cover up the wires so you have room to use metal pliers to loosen up the nut and lock washer on the old pump. meow your new pumps assembly should have a new set of nuts and lock washers that came with it. Mine did and I got it from autozone and the company was airtek.
Blue wire clip by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

connecting the terminals to new pump by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

After I put the new lock washer and nut on I tightened the terminals back on and moved the black cover over the terminals down the wire to cover them.

I then proceeded to put the new small rubber hose and tightening clamps on the pumps outlet

attaching the hose to the fuel pump by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

on the other side of the pump I started to connect the fuel strainer on the opposite outlet followed by putting a lock washer the new pump I purchased came with in a packet. It's small and can easily be misplaced. image
strainer by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

metal washer clip by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

there's a rubber grommit that slides where we just connected the strainer and it sort of fits a certain way. I pushed it in and got it snug.

rubber grommit by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

rubber grommit 2 by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

Then you should connect the other end the tube and tightened it good to the metal fuel line

Looks like this completed after you plug in the blue wire

assembled by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

insert the assembly back in. Remember please to fit the rubber nipples in the assembling and putting things back they need to be correctly inserted through the holes. Then you tighten the small nut and lock washer on the metal arm. Afterwards tighten the soft screws gently and after wards clip the fuel lines back on and the connector to give the pump it's power. Reassemble the parcel shelf. Connect the negative wire to the battery and plug in the fuel relay and your squared away

inserting the assembly in the tank by rocketeerbandit, on Flickr

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Re: How to change a fuel pump nb

postby Nicktorius™ » 10/12/13 @ 23:48

Nice DIY, hopefully I'll never have to use it :P
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