Phan wiring questions

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Phan wiring questions

postby Ian teh Ghost » 04/17/14 @ 20:57

so im wiring a fan and a fuel pump into my L67 swapped (3.8L Supercharged) Jaguar XJS.

so im running two relays (one for each). does it matter if i put the relays on the 12v+ or -Neg side of the fan and pump? i have a 12v source in the engine bay, and a good ground in the trunk which makes wiring a lot easier if i simply run the relays on the -Negative side.

my ECU triggers are 12v+, will this effect my relay placement? for instance, can i run a 12v trigger through a relay that is opening/closing the ground side of a circuit?

also, what gauge wire would you phools recommend i run for the main circuit? i believe what i have is 18ga and it doesnt really seem substantial enough.
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Re: Phan wiring questions

postby phillyb™ » 04/18/14 @ 10:07

i have no idea. but bump
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Re: Phan wiring questions

postby vejatabul » 04/19/14 @ 09:47

Factory fan relays normally are opened and closed on the negative side. I have wired many relays to switch on the negative. It seems perfectly rational, considering that when you disconnect your battery, you are almost always told to disconnect the negative side. I run my battery switch on the negative side as well.

Here is a link to a page that has plenty of resources, and should be able to answer any wiring questions that you may have.

Here is a link to a wire gauge guide to help you choose the proper gauge. ... e-amps.htm

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