Review: Yokohama S Drive

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Review: Yokohama S Drive

postby andy » 10/22/13 @ 22:49

I purchased my yokohama S drives about 2.4 years ago. I ordered them in size 195-50-15, and i use them on stock 95m wheels that are 15x6. Grip seems fine for a tire that was used everyday for a year.

It was pretty good in the wet. I only had one instance where driving in the rain was a problem and I was pushing it. Don't push it in the rain and you will be fine.

On the dry it is pretty good. Over the course of a year I noticed that the tires seemed to loose just a tad bit of grip, but considering I dailyed them for a while and put about 10,000 miles on them by meow I can not really blame them.

Overall on a 1-10 I would rate them a 7 or 8 as a performance tire. They seem to sacrifice a little bit of peak performance and grip at the cost of wear life. They seem to have very little wear after 10,000 miles.

As a daily driver tire I would rate them a 10. I have no complaints for purposes of a car to be driven every day. They were very inexpensive. I payed $240 to discount tire after a rebate.

I do not plan on changing them any time soon.
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Re: Review: Yokohama S Drive

postby Jeff_Lebre » 03/31/14 @ 14:00

yeah, I'm a fan of these s drives... i don't think i would have ever bought them due to the one million options out there, but they came on a car i bought and they are pretty sticky in the dry, not so hot in the rain though...

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