Review: Flyin Miata Stage 2.5

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Review: Flyin Miata Stage 2.5

postby andy » 10/22/13 @ 22:56

I have the flyin miata stage 2.5 suspension set up. It includes the tokico illumine shocks, flyin miata springs, flyin miata bump stops, flyin miata top hats, and flyin miata sway bars.

The sway bars were installed about a year before the actual suspension and I noticed a pretty nice upgrade in the handling characteristics. I found that The softest setting in the front and the middle in the rear was a nice set up while still using the oem shocks and springs.

On to the shocks and springs. The shocks have a 5 way adjustable damping adjuster on the top of each shaft. It does really get firm at full stiff. The springs are not the highest rates compared to some other aftermarket springs but they seem to be a great balance of comfort and performance. The ride with flyin miata's suggested set up being 3 in front and 2 in the rear made the car a little bit prone to oversteer. I adjusted that out by putting the rear sway to the softest setting.

The FM top hats are suppose to allow significant more travel in the rear. I have noticed that going over some pretty harsh bumps the suspension no longer feels that it is crashing.

Overall for a weekend fun car around town and going to miatas at the gap and driving up and down the dragon it is perfect. Notice I am not saying that it is perfect for the track or autocross. There will always be something better out there that will cost more and more. This does a great job at making the suspension work better improve the handling.

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