Review: Jackson Racing Intake

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Review: Jackson Racing Intake

postby andy » 10/22/13 @ 23:12

I purchased a second hand jackson racing intake with a new philter from a member on another forum. Installation was pretty ok. Nothing that was too hard. Make sure that if you purchase one of these that you also get the afm harness extension cable.This really makes the whole intake worlds easier, rather than having to extend it yourself.

meow on to the performance. Once again I do not have dyne figures for this item, but they did add a lot of fun to driving the car. I installed it after installing racing beat headers and I will say there was a nice difference. Around 4,400 rpm's on my 1.6 engine the car seemed to have a second amount of oomph that built upon the headers that gave a nice oomph. meow the car is really fun to drive. I can have a fun 1st to 2nd pull and barely break the speed limit. For me it is awesome and I would happily do it again.

Be careful with the intake as the plastic can in some instances be a little brittle.

This is one of the few intakes that is proven to do anything on a miata. The main problem is that most other cold air intakes draw air from under the hood that gets heat soaked so power gains are negligible. The only real intakes are the ones that draw in air from an outside source like the flyin miata Randall intake and this jackson racing intake.

I would rate it a 9 out of 10 if it were purchased new and a 10 out of 10 if purchased second hand. The reason for the 1 point deduction is because it is rather pricey when purchased new.

Here is a picture of the installed unit.

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