Review: Rspeed Door Molding

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Review: Rspeed Door Molding

postby andy » 10/23/13 @ 00:05

When I had my car painted I removed the original door moldings that attach to the top of the door and get nice and snug against the windows. My old ones looked ratty so I looked for a new replacement.

I found the ones from rspeed and they were a fair bit cheaper than the oem ones from mazda so I gave them a shot. Fit wise they are perfect. they fix just like oem does so there is absolutely no problem with fitment.

The color of the item looks spot on with what it should look like so it is not clear that it is aftermarket. It looks like it could be original.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and I would highly recommend these as replacement door moldings for anyone with a miata that is in need of a replacement.

installation was very easy and only took maybe 5 minutes per molding, for a total of 10 minutes.

I would rate these a strong 10 out of 10.

Here is a pic.

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