Review: V8 Roadster Frame Rails

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Review: V8 Roadster Frame Rails

postby theAngryMarmot » 10/23/13 @ 00:51

Pros :

1. Noticeable decrease in cowl shake, odd shimmies, and rattles.
2. More predictable handling, especially in the wet.
And the best part :

3. Drilling 22 holes in my car. I am weird. I really, really enjoying drilling holes in my car. At multiple points during the install I noticed my erect man parts getting hung up on the underside of the car while I was working.



However, I feel like the Flyin' Miata set-up is a better one and has a nicer curb appeal. I would have bought the Flyin' Miata setup, but I bought these slightly used for really cheap.

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