Review: K-Sport K-Control

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Review: K-Sport K-Control

postby theAngryMarmot » 10/23/13 @ 00:56

Pros :

1. They are local for me, which is nice.
2. They ride nicer than the Tein Basics I have had in the past.
3. They are easy to work with for warranty (if I need it..)
4. They have not upset the docile non-wanting-to-kill-me handling nature of the Miata
5. They are orange.

Cons :

1. They get the occasional internet hate, yet I have many friends with them that have years worth of street and occasional track use on them.
2. I did not have to drill any holes to install them.
3. The don't go as low as other brands due to the rear coil-over design.

Would I recommend?


They are well priced at ~780-800 dollars. Easy to install, and seem to be good quality. They ride nicer than other coils I have had in the past and do not change the characteristic of the car.

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