Review: Ralco RZ Short Shifter

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Review: Ralco RZ Short Shifter

postby theAngryMarmot » 10/23/13 @ 01:11

Pros :

1. Shortens the shift
2. Has good feel, very mechanical due to the lack of rubber insulator between the shift stalk sections that the OEM one has.
3. It is quite Shiny.
4. Comes with a shiny, heavy k-nob included in the price.
5. The top part of the shifter unscrews from the "base" therefore adding a novel anti-theft feature. But, see Con #3
6. It requires slightly more force to shift - which I like.

Cons :

1. No instructions.
2. "Fitting" the little plastic alignment groove thingy-ma-bob is a pain.
3. Sometimes it will slightly unscrew it's halves and rattle. Not a big deal really. I put a little thin rubber bushing between the halves, keeps'er nice and tight.
4. Since it does not have the insulating rubber between the two halves, transmission heat will creep up it. Great in the winter, though.

Would I recommend?

Yes. The cons are nothing, and for the price it is a good deal. The fact it includes a k-nob and a few other parts makes it a steal, to be honest. I got mine from Good-Win-Racing.

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