Review: Momo MOD 7 wheel

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Review: Momo MOD 7 wheel

postby theAngryMarmot » 10/23/13 @ 01:17

Pros :

1. Very "stiff" - not hardly any flex. Feels solid.
2. I have the alcantara one - and love the texture.
3. Horn button is of high quality.

Cons :

1. I don't like how they attach the alcantara. It is less than 6 months old with light use and it already has me thinking it isn't going to hold up that well.
2. Price, especially given #1.
3. The gaps where the material wraps around the core of the wheel is getting larger. This leads me to believe whatever glue they use will eventually fail. Also where the bottom spoke intersects the rim, the alcantara there is starting to come up a bit.


No. For $230 dollars and it being a MOMO - I honestly expected better build quality. I love the wheel, the size, and the material - but the already sprouting issues have me worried I am going to have a haggard wheel in less than a year of ownership. This is not acceptable.

Also, I ordered from Safe Racer - and it was a class three Fiasco of lies, miscommunication, and false shipping dates to get the damn thing. Turns out they do not stock them and it comes from YET another distributor. Because of that I will never order from Safe Racer again.

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