Review: Revlimiter Hazard Switch

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Review: Revlimiter Hazard Switch

postby andy » 12/11/13 @ 00:09

I have to say the hardest part about the whole thing was picking which hazard switch I wanted.

Well I was finally able to make my selection.

Anyway here is what I received.

The packaging was pretty great, for such a simple piece I thought he went way overboard. What was awesome is that he included some gloves so that you can install them without a chance of getting fingerprints on anything. I did not have an issue but maybe the aluminum might.

Installation went well, as per instructions I removed the washer and used the crush washer that had teeth. He included a special teflon washer that goes between the face plate and the nut on the top to prevent any possible damage to the face plate. Because of this the threaded portion that protrudes from the nut on the front side is non existent. It is perfectly flush and awesome meow.


I thought that the included domos were a nice touch. Like he said, "You have to have a toy with your happy meal." It is the little things that really made everything awesome.


On a 1 to 10 I would rate this a solid 10. A ten is pretty hard to achieve in my book, and the whole nice packaging, domos, and clear instructions all added to the package.
My recommendation is go buy one, hell buy two. You know you will end up buying more than one miata.
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Re: Review: Revlimiter Hazard Switch

postby bigx5murf » 12/11/13 @ 02:04

I have the same domos, I got them out a vending machine at a nooble shop we hold meets at.

The gloves were meant for you to whack it with new sensations... AKA the stranger
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