Review: OBX Fuel Lid

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Review: OBX Fuel Lid

postby andy » 03/12/14 @ 23:31

I finally found a classic style fuel lid for sale. Of all places it was on amazon and I payed $115 for it. Well long story short the hinge that connects the lid to the car wobbles to hell. I took a few video so you would understand. Overall look seems ok but because of the rattle I would give it a 2 out of 10 because it looks so nice. If I were to drive the car I would hear the gas cap rattle.

The main problem I have been having is with the company in regards to returning it. They initially suggested I return it and meow I am getting the run around on getting it returned to them. I am stuck between amazon and them and amazon assured me they would make it right worst case scenario.

Because of the company I am dealing with (Racing Part Depot) I am appalled and would never purchase something made by obx ever again. They seem to be the only supplier for them.

Overall because of the shipping a 0 out of 10. Due to fitment a 2 out of 10.

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Re: Review: OBX Fuel Lid

postby phillyb™ » 03/13/14 @ 09:38

buys cheap knockoff shit
surprised in cheap quality.
don't get caught
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Re: Review: OBX Fuel Lid

postby Mazduh » 03/13/14 @ 10:53

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Review: OBX Fuel Lid

postby andy » 03/13/14 @ 21:21

Well considering so many people claimed fitment was identical.

In all honesty I would use it on my car if the hinge was properly fastened. It is a manufacturer defect on the hinge that allows excess play between the plates.

Yah it is a knockoff but it was not cheap.
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postby RxvIIracer » 04/29/14 @ 20:37


I recently bought one as well, and yes the hinge was loose. I got a decent fix, If you would like to take up the play in the hinge apply SUPER GLUE to the hinge pin.

More detailed.....

1) Disassemble OBX fuel filler door assembly to minimize super glue contamination. Be careful not to glue your self to anywhere unintended.

2) With hinge removed apply Loctite SUPER GLUE PROFESSIONAL (that's what I used) to hinge pin (basically any crevasses attached to the hinge pin, especially where the metal is folded over, and gaps between the hinge pin.)

3) keep moving hinge to its full range of motion while the hinge is drying, about 30 mins. (DO NOT LET HINGE DRY IN ANY ONE POSITION) I did this while watching Chasing Classic Cars on tv, that was 30mins, it went by quicker.

4) once dry, apply more SUPER GLUE if you desired more hinge resistance.

5) re-assemble OBX fuel filler door, and the rattle should be gone.

I hope this helps!
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