Gaming Rig Parts Suggestions

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Re: Gaming Rig Parts Suggestions

postby phillyb™ » 12/09/15 @ 23:10

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Re: Gaming Rig Parts Suggestions

postby andy » 12/28/15 @ 15:22


I ended up going with the following rig
Phanteks Evolv in special silver color case
Intel i5 6600k
Be Quiet Dark Rock 3
Gigabyte z170x Gaming 5 Motherboard
Corsair ddr4 16gb
Samsung 850 Evo 500Gb
Evga GTX 970 SSC Acx2.0+ or whatever it is
Corsair RMX 1000watt power supply

I currently get average of mid 80s or 70s fps on Battlefield 4 on ultra at 3440x1440. I average mid 80s to 90s on Borderlands 2. I don't have much else to test. It seems that Skyrim is capped at 60fps anyway.

If you are on steam message me and ill add you.
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Re: Gaming Rig Parts Suggestions

postby Teejay187 » 01/29/16 @ 10:44

Fuck. That is a nice setup. I am a little bit jelly actually. Teejay187 on steam!
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