Just have to brag (flag football content)

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Just have to brag (flag football content)

postby 95MerlotM » 11/20/13 @ 23:42

My daddy and i put together a flag football team named AREA 51 to compete in our local Mid State Sports Leagues 5v5 flag football tournament. Just wanted to quickly brag and say that after a tough season and landing a wild card spot as seed #4, we rallied and won all out to become the leagues inaugural champions!!!! We lost our QB during the first week of the season and i had to step up and finish the season cause nobody else on the team could even moderately throw. Check out the facebook link below and feel free to like!!!
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Re: Just have to brag (flag football content)

postby 99blkx » 11/22/13 @ 04:22

Congrats man. I'm considering a league. Playing a little exhibition type game on caturday.
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Re: Just have to brag (flag football content)

postby phillyb™ » 01/08/14 @ 02:16

hahaha, just read this.
that's awesome!
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