NC Cobalt Dual Tip Muffler - Dent DEAL! Just $224!

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NC Cobalt Dual Tip Muffler - Dent DEAL! Just $224!

postby Chris@Moss » 02/01/17 @ 14:57


Moss' recent shipment of our Cobalt dual tip mufflers for 2006-15 MX-5 Miatas came in and a few mufflers were unfortunately damaged. The ones we are selling as "dent deals" all have dents on the TOP of the mufflers and will not be visible once installed on the car.

The Cobalt NC muffler retails for $339.99. We are offering these slightly dented mufflers for $224.00!

Deal price is on limited stock. Once these sell out there won't be any more. Please PM me with questions, and thanks for reading!

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