half of you phaggots have miatas. i want to see the other half. trollolol
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Re: Scrat

postby Skinny » 07/27/14 @ 03:19

Oh man, the awesome stuff you could do with a food truck. Name it ''Ban Hammer BBQ'' and get a giant a massive Mjölnir for the top(thinking like ice cream style)

I'd vote either a VW Camper/bus/van with Subuaru's 3.3 flat six or you could probably sneak a 3.0 twin turbo in there and use massive snails to fire up the pork while anti-lagging all over the parking lot

Or if you can find one a Citroen H van. Pure French masterpiece.

In 30 seconds you'll be dead and I'll be home in time for Corn Flakes.
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Re: Scrat

postby phillyb™ » 07/27/14 @ 13:04

i can't wait to sell/part my car.
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Re: Scrat

postby doubleoh9 » 07/27/14 @ 16:10

Glad to hear your moving on the something else, food trucks are awesome, i was gonna say get another miata like flipper and just have fun with it. my dads 66' vette was one of those uncooperative car, to the point of killing 3 engines and breaking its rear end in half. it just vehemently resisted being a street driven old man car. so he turned it into an autocross car and its been fine ever since
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Re: Scrat

postby vejatabul » 07/28/14 @ 10:35

Stoly wrote:
I love you, brother. Never thought I'd end up with family like you but thankful I did.

The new owner has asked to remain anonymous and I will honour his wishes.

Scrat will be parted out and spread around.

It ain't Miatas that bind us...
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Re: Scrat

postby Sploinkin » 07/28/14 @ 12:22

We already dibs'd him up here in the PNW.

Glad to see your spirits are up despite all that has happened. I look forward to eating some BBQ with you when you get up here :)
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