TRD/Tosco seats

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TRD/Tosco seats

postby ecto_cooler » 10/11/13 @ 16:27

i really wanted a set of these for my miata, found some for sale from a friend of a friend in cali, but i wanted to complicate things and have them picked up by a fiberglass fab guy local to the seller to make copies for me then sell the originals to make my money back. while i was waiting on shit to come together they sold. after looking at them, i realized i won't be happy with anything else in my car. they're pretty rare with maybe 1 set floating around the US and a couple singles in people's cars that aren't for sale.

what i like about them is the "wingless" design that fits in miatas with no problem and the fact that they're pretty standard-looking buckets, no frills. being that they're standard-looking, i was hoping someone made a similar seat in fiberglass or aluminum that's actually easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. do you gaywads have any suggestions? i know kirkey makes a seat sort of like these in aluminum that i wouldn't be averse to owning. what are your thoughts on these in general?


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Re: TRD/Tosco seats

postby phillyb™ » 10/11/13 @ 16:32

those are pretty dope. nice and minimalistic
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Re: TRD/Tosco seats

postby 99blkx » 10/13/13 @ 14:53

I say just get some Jegs. Most baller shit ever at just $51.99.
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Re: TRD/Tosco seats

postby bigx5murf » 05/11/14 @ 03:55

I've got a friend going to be stationed in UK soon. I'm hoping he can get some good military shipping discounts. If so, I wanna order one of these so bad.
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