The Brutally Honest Review: Enthuza XR NB

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The Brutally Honest Review: Enthuza XR NB

postby Hell Toupee » 07/27/15 @ 19:45

So last year sometime in June or July I decided I wanted to buy an Enthuza XR for autocross and some of you may recall me badgering you guys with questions about "what exactly is a catback" and other noobish questions on the shoutbox. Well anyways, I talked with Jason over email about getting an Enthuza XR and he sent me an invoice and I paid it. ~6 weeks later a box arrives on my doorstep and first thing I notice is that it's a lot heavier than the ~9 lbs the XR is. Well lo and behold I open the box and it's not an XR, it's a NB Speeder. So before I go and lose my cool and kick up a storm over the thing, I decide to go over my email correspondence with Jason. Turns out that while we had talked about the Enthuza XR he had accidentally sent me an invoice for the wrong exhaust and I didn't notice and I paid it and then it arrives at my door. Well despite being super occupied with MATG, Jason and I found a solution, I'd pay to ship my exhaust back and he would ship out an XR to me upon receipt of the Speeder and then he would refund me the difference between the two exhausts which was only like $20 or something as I got the stainless steel option. I think around three months after the initial order I finally get my Enthuza XR but because by meow it was September and I was gone for school, I didn't get to install it until May earlier this year. I love it though, totally worth the wait.

Enthuza XR Review:

Cotomer Sevis: 7/10 - Both of us were responsible for me getting the wrong exhaust but Jason was really helpful in helping to rectify the problem. He's generally really good with responding to emails

Build: 8/10 - I neglected to take any picture but if you go and search the internet you'll see that the quality of Jason's pieces are acclaimed. I'm not an expert on welding by any means but the ones on my exhaust look really clean. As for aesthetics, the exhaust looks okay, nothing spectacular but I got it for it's weight so I don't mind, 6/10 in aesthetics.

Sound: 11/10 - First off, this thing is LOUD. This is the only mod on my car and I think if I had a test pipe or headers or anything of the sort, I wouldn't run this exhaust as with the top up it would get unbearable, topless is a total joy however. The exhaust is snarly and snaps, crackles, pops, and backfires when you go off throttle. Doesn't sound raspy at all under throttle. Really gives the car a sense of character without making it sound like a Honda with a fartbox. There's a loud drone at 3,500 RPM but after the exhaust is broken in it isn't bad although it is still there.

26/30. Would I buy from Jason again? Totally.

Included picture of my exhaust. Link.
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Re: The Brutally Honest Review: Enthuza XR NB

postby phillyb™ » 07/27/15 @ 20:50

i'd have to search for pictures, but yes jason is really cool.
he drew me cats for both of my orders.
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Re: The Brutally Honest Review: Enthuza XR NB

postby bigx5murf » 08/04/15 @ 02:54

I have the same axleback, but i bought it used. It was unbearably loud at first, but I actually find it a bit quiet meow. I'm running a catless down pipe.
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